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7/2223: Case In Point now streaming everywhere!!

Check it out here:

5/18/23: Big News!! I'm releasing "Case In Point" on July 22. This CD was the first "Home" recording, painstakingly (or painfully) recorded in the livingroom of my house in Anza, CA  with Marcus Bush and myself working with ProTools 8.0. Having no idea what we were doing but forging ahead sight unseen . . I released it for friends in 2016 but was unhappy with the sound so . . in 2019 with some new tools and time to spare did a deep wax and polish job and voila! it's ready for the streaming world! Click on the image on the right for the first video. Don't miss this one. It's all Blood, Sweat & Tears with eyes fixed on the King and Creator of all things, The Lord Jesus. All praise and glory to Him!! Click here for more info and credits


4/6/23: In 2007 I did a two week "tour" in England promoting my "Kingdom of Conscience" CD (soon to be re-released as "The Invitation") and had a flurry of press over there. The record was reviewed by a couple of different publications, one of them being the "Never For Nothing" Newsletter, a monthly offering written by Geoff Howlett from the UK. He recently reviewed "Carousel" . . Click Here for the link or the image to read it  .

NFN Review.jpg

3/7/23: The Making of "Carousel"


2/15/23: Big news today. My first new release of the year.  "Carousel" has been waiting in the cue since a remix 4 years ago in Nashville, TN. Recorded in SoCal at BeautifulGate Studios in the fall of 2013 except "On A Carousel" recorded in Nashville 5 years later. On listening to the Hollies hit from 1967, I was moved to change the name of the Original release to "Carousel" as it seemed to fit the  general theme of the record. This is kind of a concept record as the songs are all about a break-up. There are two covers, the title song and "Expecting to Fly" by Neil Young from the Buffalo Springfield days. I'm pretty excited about getting this one out there. Click on the image to the right for more info . . . 


7/19/22: I attend "Great Rock Church" in Danvers, MA. It's a Calvary Chapel associated with the movement started by Pastor Chuck Smith in So Cal in the late 60's. Great Rock was started about 15 years ago by Pastor Mat Nadworny and is a flourishing ministry. Pastor Mat started a Men's Training Center about 10 years ago that offers a 6 month program of rehabilitation to men labored with drug and alcohol addictions that has delivered many men out of their abuses and in some cases set them up in the ministry. One of these men, Mike Petrino, has moved into the Pastorate and is now planting a church on the South Shore in Bridgewater, MA. "Great Rock Church South Shore." Another brother from the church, Jay, who has lived with Pastor Mat and his family suggested to me month or so ago that I should go down and do worship for him. Long Story short, I'm going to do worship every Sunday. I'm blessed to be back doing worship again . . . 

7/12/22: "Who Is Nelson Person" is now in release and can be heard here: 

6/8/22: I'm releasing: "Who Is Nelson Person" on 6/28/22. It's a 4 song EP that was recorded back in 1983. All-star line up is Mark 'Guitar' Miller on Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Roger Kimball on Bass, Danny Paradis on Drums, Howard Roark (aka: Brad Delp) on background vocals. I'm on Acoustic & Electric Rhythm Guitars and Lead Vocals and Harry King is on keys as well as in the production seat with myself. 

5/26/22: The show at Great Rock Church went well. We had about 50 people show up and they were really receptive. Gave away a bunch of CD's. Tori came in and set up the cameras so I'm editing as we speak and hope to post on YouTube by the weekend. 

5/14/22: Out to dinner a couple months ago with Rick Pierro and some friends, I met Rick's cousin, Joe Spina. At the table Joe was talking about his weekly TV Show on Lynn Community TV. As we were chatting, I mentioned that I had a Music Ministry that I was putting out there, playing Free Concerts at Churches and almost jokingly said to Joe, "Why don't you have me on your show?" and he said "Sure let's do it" . . So here it is . . Thank you so much, Joe!

Frankly Speaking Wall.png

5/4/22: The first of many concerts (I hope) is scheduled for Friday, May 20 at Great Rock Church. I'm very excited about it!! I have no expectations at all except to Praise the Living God that set it up. This has been on my heart for years and look forward to what He has in mind. 

4/6/22: I've added a Music Ministry Page to the site . . I'm gonna start

chasing churches to play free concerts. 

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