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Well, Needless to say . . . We all go through tough times. This collection  was written over a 6 year period about my divorce (with the exception of "Horse of a Different Color" which I wrote in the 70's {added because it fit into the theme} and two cover songs, "Carousel" by the Hollies, a top 20 hit in 1967 and "Expecting To Fly" a Buffalo Springfield track that was written by Neil Young and released on the "Buffalo Springfield Again" record). It's as close to a "Concept Record" that I'll probably ever put together, nailing down as best I could every emotion that I went through: You're a jerk, I'm a jerk, I'm freaking out, how did this happen, etc . . ending up with: "I'm sorry" which I actually am. In the end, being the man of the family, I have to take responsibility for the break-up. That being said, I love the record. It was huge getting it all off my back . . . 

The Making
of "Carousel"
Vini Contreas

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