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The "Nelson Person" Story

"'Nelson Person' was an idea I had when looking for a new identity.  It was 1982 and I was playing mostly solo in the Northshore of Massachusetts. I had some new songs and headed into the studio with some good friends to make some music. I was sick of myself so I decided to change my name, as if that would help . . . After the sessions, Danny and I set out to put together a band to play the Boston Scene. Paul Gareri was added on guitar and Rick Davis became our bass player. Danny had jammed with both of them and when it all came together, it clicked. When we were laboring over a name for the group, we decided to call ourselves 'Nelson Person'. We were and still are, literally, legends in our own minds. No Joke! The music speaks for itself. Turn it up!"  

Live at "Grovers" in Beverly, MA 1986

Nelson Person Grovers2.jpg

I think it was 1984. I had been chasing my Buddy, Bob Tomaselli, to do a video. I had just finished a 4 song demo and it was the 80's and MTV was happening and I wanted to be a rock and roll star and Bob had a video company. Bob decided o the track: "Nevertheless" and off we went. We spent about a month and a substantial amount of money shooting and putting it together. Bob wrote the script. We hired extras and a boom for concert footage. It was a blast. MTV decided it wasn't up to their standards so it never aired but we had something that we had a lot of fun doing and well . . there it is. Anyway, it was the start of the Nelson Person Story. It's a short story but we lived it and we lived it with gusto . . 

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Who is Nelson Person?

These songs were recorded in the spring of 1982. Mark was living with me at the time. I met Danny through a girlfriend. Roger & Howard (aka: Brad Delp) and I had been friends from school. Harry had produced an Independent Record for me on his “Audem Records” label out of Maine in ‘75 so I called him up. Roger, Mark, Danny and I started rehearsals in my Dads printing shop and put the songs together in a couple of months. I had done some solo recording at Eastern Sound and Harry had already done some work there so I booked it and we went in and just banged them out. I rented a Prophet 5 for Harry and he added the keys after the beds and solos were complete. Howard came in on vocal day and basically arranged the background vocals on the spot. We had a great time and have enjoyed listening to these tunes for so long that it’s time to share them with anybody that might enjoy them as much as we have . . .  Note: Back then I was always looking for a new Identity and had decided my stage name was going to be Nelson Person. Shortly after these recordings, Danny and I started a band with Paul Gareri and Rick Davis that we eventually called Nelson Person so I thought I’d release this effort under my own name and title it: ‘Who Is Nelson Person?’ Back in those days it was unclear . . . 


Coming Soon

NP Graduated Cover.jpg
NP Graduated BackCover.jpg
NP Graduated BackCover.jpg

So . . . A couple of years into the Band, we had put together enough material and it was evident we had to get back in the studio. As luck would have it, I came into some money and when that happened, I always went straight to recording. At this point Pat had built a new studio in Methuen and Harry King was living locally so all the pieces were in place and off we went. As I remember, we booked a couple of weekends at local motels and did marathon sessions. The project took a month or two and we were all satisfied with the results. We were a rock band with some country rock influence and it all came out in the final product. "Follow Me" was one of 10 songs that Nelson Person recorded over a 2 month period in the spring of 1987. The Band was one of the favorites of the day in the Boston scene, playing all the local clubs and enjoyed a loyal following. The resulting CD (soon to be released) was the first recording project for the band. The second project being a four song EP called "Joyride" (soon to be released as well) . . Why has it taken so long for this great music to be made available? Well the simple answer is . . some things just take time . . Feast your ears!!



The Joyride sessions ended up being the "coup de gras' of Nelson Person. By this time, the band was in tip top form. Our shows were getting tighter and tighter and the songs were getting better and better. We had played a bunch of shows where we saved the money so this project was a mutual effort and a solid effort it was.

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