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Released: 10/31/2021. 

This record was recorded in the 90's from '93-'98. The original version had some Scriptural discrepancies so efforts were made a couple years after the original release to go in and fix the problems. This is actually the 4th and final release, thank goodness! I used to just have CD's manufactured and give them away. Given that the streaming world is the new frontier we wanted to get it out there for anybody to listen to and also thought "what the heck, let's give it some new artwork and a new title" . . . The photos were taken in '97 for the third release so that's why I look so young. The songs were written when I was new in the Faith and reveling in the fact that I was actually Saved!! I had just been "plucked from the burning." 

Reviewed by Geoff Howlett / Never for Nothing Newsletter: Read it here

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