I've been recording all my life and I'm now releasing everything I've ever done. This site is dedicated to that . . Let me explain where it's coming from . . All my life I knew I was a songwriter. I was 19 when the Lord started giving me songs (although I didn't know it was Him). I got saved in my 40th year and my writing became more focused on Jesus and His work. Believing that the Lord is/was in my early work, I'm releasing everything in order to bring the body of work into perspective. 

I believe that songwriting is a gift from God. It's one of the things that I think about constantly and it's something that I can't help but do. I'm driven. Before Christ, I always did it for me but when I got saved it changed drastically. Paul says in Corinthians: "whoa is me if I don't preach the Gospel" well, whoa is me if I'm not writing or recording the songs that I have. The Bible teaches that we are to share our gifts in order to serve one another so I'm releasing everything in order to encourage and build up the church body. 


I listened to a teaching on Ecclesiastes recently and was pondering on Solomon's take on life. "Vanity of Vanities, all is vanity," Ecclesiastes starts out looking at life from our perspective which leads us to emptiness and despair but then, by the end of the book, reels us back in, pointing out that the only life worth living is one that brings glory to God. That's where true joy and purpose is found, In serving God. I fall into the "all is vanity" trap a lot but what inevitably happens is that I remember that it's His work and He's simply involving me in what He's doing. 


4/27/2021 ... Putting finishing touches on the Release of "Revelations"


1/21/2021 ... Started a new YouTube Chanel: Songs From A Room with Vini Contreas ... Dedicated to Solo performances of Originals as well as favorite covers. Releasing an average of a couple videos a week. Check it out HERE ...

1/18/2021 ... "Standing Man" released as a whole Album. I think I'm gonna pull all the "single" releases. Didn't get much action out of that strategy. 


8/3/2020 ... I'm releasing "Standing Man" on Friday, Sept. 4 2020. I'll be releasing one song at a time starting every Friday at 12 pm for 16 weeks worldwide so set your phones and reminders to be there!