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My Dad bought me my first guitar for my 12th Birthday. The Beatles had just landed and I couldn't put it down. I wrote my first song at 19 and since then have pretty much had one going at all times.


I've been recording since the early 70's. I cut a local record in '76 in Maine. I made a living doing a solo lounge/bar act thru the 70's in New England and eastern Canada until my early 30's at which point I got a day job and played in a few original bands in the Boston scene . . . I was involved in several recording projects throughout the 70's, 80's, 90's and into the new century and am still at it.

I got saved in 1991 in California and started playing Worship as well as writing Contemporary Christian and Worship material. My whole life, all I wanted to do was be a recording artist so whenever I had money to spare (and even when I didn't have money to spare,) I'd spend it on recording. These days with a home recording set-up, I can record whenever I want and I'm working to get everything done that I always wanted to get done.


I write Christian and Secular material and I believe the Lord is Glorified in all of it. He is all in all and He blesses me as a servant to His glory. He ministers to me in the songs that He gives to me and frankly, I'm driven to record them that He might minister to others as well.

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